Why Indonesia

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The diversity and complexity of Indonesia possess both benefits and limitations. The main limitation is of the geographical barrier that impedes access for individuals and families to equal opportunities and rights. 

Poverty Rates in Indonesia

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poverty in indonesia.

Poverty remains as one of the major problems Indonesia is still struggling against. Although data from the Central Bureau of Statistics (Badan Pusat Statistik) shows a downward trend in the percentage of the population living in absolute or relative poverty; these numbers may seem to suggest a more positive condition compared with the actual reality as the Government uses lenient standards when defining poverty—more lenient than the standards used by the World Bank to define poverty (at $1.25/day). Currently, around 26.58 million Indonesians are living below the poverty line. However, when factoring in those who live less than $2/day (slightly above the poverty line), this number increases to a staggering 65 million or nearly 1/4 Indonesian population.