The Team

Tamara Gondo

Tamara Gondo

Seeing the reality of life for most Indonesians who often have to choose between putting food on the table or pursuing their dreams, Tamara double majors in Communication Studies and Sociology, emphasizing in Social Justice and Human Rights, in the hope to be a voice for the voiceless and a bridge builder among different sectors to achieve justice for all. She is the acting vice president of PERMIAS National and consistently serves with mission organizations in Los Angeles. Her goal is to help people without first inquiring if they are worthy or not. 

Jessica The

Jessica The

Joining mission trips since high school opened Jessica’s eyes to be aware of the situation that is happening in Indonesia. She has the heart for people as well as a longing to raise awareness by using her voice in her community. She believes in the power of education and collaboration to bring a lasting impact for the society. Blessed to be able to study abroad, Jessica actively participates in organizations back when she was studying in Seattle until now in San Francisco. As a junior in Academy of Art University, she is passionate in pursuing her degree in Fashion Merchandising. Jessica currently serves as the vice president for PERMIAS AAU.

karen Tjahja

Karen Tjahja

Since a very young age,  Karen knew she had to do something about the injustices around her. With what she had and could do in January 2012,  Second Chance Initiative started as a response to help Jakarta's flood victims by collecting second-hand goods before later becoming a holistic community development approach through a character-based education. Her heart for kids and gifts in event organizing provided a platform for the youth to contribute back to their community. Currently, she studies Commerce in the University of Sydney, acts as the Event Director of the Indonesian Student Association in Sydney, and serves as a leader in her church.


Kezia Kalesaran

Growing up, Kezia has always been exposed to a reality in her surroundings that most people choose to overlook and become familiar with. She developed a love for serving because she believes one act of intentional kindness can change a person's life forever. With the hope of contributing to the improvement of Indonesia's educational and governmental system, Kezia is currently double majoring in Politics and International Relations in Melbourne, Australia. She is actively involved in various PPIA Victoria events and leads a connect group at her local church. 

Rendi Rustandi

Rendi Rustandi

Studying Materials Science and Engineering, Rendi is a senior in Surabaya’s Institute of Technology. He is an ardent believer that education and technology are the way forward for Indonesia to compete in the global market. Fueled by great hope and ambition, he aspires to enter the political and private realm to improve Indonesia’s renewable energy sector. Through his own life testimony, he hopes to set an example for other Indonesians to follow—to dream big and impact the world. 


Praktikto Listyo Wibowo

Tito is pursuing master of accounting in Universitas Indonesia. He is deeply passionate in grassroot social activities. In 2015, he was the Project Officer in Devout FEB UI, a community development program for Depok region.

Concerned about education in Indonesia, he founded Spread Project to increase awareness on the importance of literacy, and was part of Manusaya Project, organization that educate kids in Lembaga Pembinaan Khusus Anak (Child Prison ministry).

The Advisor

Bond Photo

Bond is the Airbnb for Work Lead across Australia and New Zealand.

Bond started his career at Deloitte where he consulted for a number of large automotive brands which included Volkswagen, Toyota and Mitsubishi. He previously held a category management role in Microsoft. Bond have also co-founded a number of companies which includes an online men shoes retailer called Tom Ascott, a photography studio called Lebondphotography, a boutique hotel called Aswana, consulting arm called Bond & Co and venture capital company called Bond Venture Partners.

Originally from Sydney with deep roots in Indonesia, he is passionate about making a positive impact on people's lives and changing the world for the better. Bond has hobbies in photography, bushwalking and basketball.

Liora Leticia

Liora Leticia

Change starts from the inside out,  Liora believes.  Liora, recognized that not everyone has been blessed with a supportive family and friends, good education, and good environment like she has, wants to be an instrument  to spread positivity and hope to the hopeless, the unkind and the unlovable. Liora is currently an 11th grader, but her young age does not stop her passion from ministering to people of any age and background.