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We have worked with several other trusted  social organizations in the intersection of education and kids, schools, and churches in the mission of empowering children and providing them with the necessary tools to thrive. Partner with us to reach wider and impact greater good.


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To partner with us or learn more of how you can contribute to helping a child and a community in need. 

Whatsapp: +1-626-693-4598

Rek BCA: 3890516881

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Volunteers are the heart of our organization. More than serving a platform to channel our volunteers' individual skills and resources, our goal is to instill in the hearts of our volunteers a long time commitment for others. We train volunteers to readily serve in the areas of our outreaches. 



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100% of your donation goes directly to our projects. Our latest campaign is child sponsorship. A child is waiting today. Give hope with us.  More information →

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